One of the greatest ways to combat the spread of germs and disease that propagates in your home and bathroom is by taking the element of hands on appliances out of the equation. The problem is that although these products have existed for a very long time and are seen in many public and commercial space, when it comes to you and your home as a member of the private sector there is a surprisingly small amount of things on the market and they are extremely expensive and hard to repair. Until today. Often times many people even if they do not understand plumbing or have any technical training the pieces of a sink or toilet remain pretty intuitive and with only a basic understanding of how water moves and how the parts are put together can kind of figure it out enough to be serviceable until the cavalry can come in and save the day. But when it comes to these touch free computerized mechanisms there has long been a lot of people who would have no idea where to begin or how to fix them. However, today it is safe to say that more people feel more at home behind a computer screen then a tool box, and the technology that goes in these things are at the end of the day pretty straight forward and can now be understood in real time with the help of your smart phone which is pretty ground breaking stuff.

There is nothing that is really more inviting than having a bathroom that is sleek as well as modern and about all else smart. As our tech continues to change so to do the spaces we live and operate in. The day we all wanted where we have a fully functioning integrated dynamic bathroom solution may be closer than we all think and at a fraction of the price, you gotta love it. There is the designers JOEYFORLIFE which have come up with an idea they all the D-Touch and it is the avant garde of this new trend. Simply a simple design, that is functional as well as something you are proud to show off to your guests when they decide to do their business. D-Touch works by a simple touch free wheel control, taht accurately controls the temperature of water in your bathroom as well as keeping the bathroom more safe and sanitary. The basic temperature you can program to do what you want when you want with who you want. The basic setting for this temperature setting prevents the water from getting too hot and scalding you is a bit time safety feature for young kids and stupid adults. This same technology is at work when it comes to the toilet but instead of giving a concern to the temperature at all what it tries to do is maintain a level of cleanliness within the bowl through its sensory system and thus enables you to know when it will run its self cleaning system. Welcome to the future.