Turns out you don’t have to pick between being a pet-owner and having a nice house. Whether you own a St. Bernard or Chihuahua, there are plenty of ways to bring out the Gucci in your poochie.
little table

Put Your Dog in a Little Table

Save on dog kennels and maximize on space with this handy chair-side invention. Until the field of bioengineering catches up with the market for dogs bred with built-in cup holders, resting your coffee slightly above your dog works as a somewhat satisfying alternative. You can also rest books above your dog or even a small plate.




Keep Your Dogs Near Your Booksdog books

Keep your dogs underneath your dual bookshelves for efficient storage and book protection.





dog porch

Build Your Dog His Own Outdoor Home with a Porch

This dog’s owners have no need to feel bad about leaving their dog outside all day. The dog house is equipped with shuttered windows and a tiny shaded wooden deck that may convert into a sun room at this point depending on how the remodel went.





Make Your Dog Sleep in a Bed Jaildog bed

Perfect for master-slave relationships, this tiny cell fits right under your bed and provides some much-needed contrast to any entirely wood-paneled room. The opening is located on the cell’s shorter dimension, allowing for the door to swivel completely on its hinge without blocking the stairs made for extremely small adults that want to access your bed. The cage is backlit and under-upholstered,

movie dog


Own a Movie Star

Ever wish you owned someone important and powerful? Now with dog kennel fake TV sets you can seem like you own the star of its very own sitcom. Adorn the inside of your dog’s kennel with tiny framed pictures of your dog so it looks like you’re watching a show about a Pug relaxing even though it’s kind of conceited.


French Doors Allow Your Dog to Stay Outside Its Housedog outside

Save your dog from the pressures of entering its wheeled hobbit home by creating doors for it that can only be opened by human hands and arms. No means no when it comes to this breezy bungalow, but the top-most French doors are left slightly askew so dogs can know what they’re missing.