I’ve been an industry insider for many years and I come to you now to impart the wisdom I have gathered from the home renovation game. First up for you to know is that you should always do your research when it comes to buying materials. This could be the difference ¬†between life and death for your project. Up next is to make sure that whatever you are doing when it comes to getting new materials on the cheap is that you are fully aware of how much you will need and what exactly to expect from your project manager. No matter the level of your build you are going to need to do some calculations at the time of judgement, and when you do it is paramount that you ensure that you are getting all the right moves in and are going with the right dimensions and not just shooting from the gut which is so much more fun to do frankly. “I can’t emphasize enough how an inch even sometimes a half an inch can make a difference. And if your dimensions are off and its not equal and symmetrical, you’re not going to get the full impact and effect that you want if you’re not sure about how to measure or you can’t follow the directions, don’t hesitate at all to call somebody. Ask them to come over and take the measurement for you.”

Up next is make sure you do the knitty gritty prep work. I know you don’t want to but an hour of planning can result in days of efficiency and as we know or have heard, time is usually money. It is usually that you are gun hoe to get to work but you can just hemorrhage money at the beginning of your projects if don’t take the time to make it fine as they say.

Another thing to consider that ties into your whole ethos of the ideal prep plan is the dImage result for right tool for the jobemo process of your build. You need to make sure you don’t demo too much and are left with big ugly swaths of your house that can’t be taken care of with cheap solutions but you also don’t want the reverse problem where in you are left having to do something after the dumpster is gone and you are effectively halted with a big pile of debris, no thank you. That said keep in mind that Duct Tape isn’t a tool and you should really keep it from being a part of your build. It is often said that the right tool for the right job is worth its weight in gold. I don’t know about all that but its pretty darn close. Before you go into a project try to get the right tools before hand and do not try to stretch your tools to do more than they are designed for. This will cause you head aches today, tomorrow and all the day through if you are not on top of it chief.